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Tales from a Jordanian Barber Shop

Tales from a Jordanian Barber Shop

Abu Anas is a Syrian immigrant who currently works as a barber in Amman, Jordan. 

“I left Syria. I was a merchant dealing beauty supplies. I had a shop in Duma, [a city] in the countryside of Damascus. It’s filled with greenery. It’s like heaven on earth.

I had a farm with a pool, a villa. It was hit, my house was hit too. Everything is gone.

I’m not comfortable [now]. One can’t be comfortable. Would you feel comfortable if you left your mother and father? Not only is Syria like a mother- it is like a mother and father.


Initially when I came [to Jordan] I had some worth, wherever I went people would say “that’s Abu Anas and his star son.” Now I am called a refugee.

Anyone who leaves their country misses it dearly… some ask me where I’m from and I say that I am a displaced Syrian- it comes out habitually. One has lost his value….

[Now] I have the mercy of God.”


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