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Destruction of Aleppo

Destruction of Aleppo

Nour is a young woman from Aleppo, Syria.  This is her story. 

“Destruction is a notion that’s beautiful; whether philosophically or ideologically or linguistically or whatever.

Then comes actual implementation, this transforming it from a beautiful notion, to a dreadful action. Destruction is negative. It’s loss, it’s pain. You walk past a demolished building say and you’d wonder how it once stood and why it is in rubbles now.

The fact is destruction is death; it is once a soul departs a body once inhibited, rendering the being it once was into fragments of memories, existence, and livelihood.

My city is a warzone now, it once wasn’t like this. With the great mosque of Aleppo at the heart of its old souk.

Aleppo was once one of the most vibrant cities I’ve come to adore and now have lost.”

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